Mobile TV/VOD System


MobileTV solution demo mobile phone clients


New! MobileTV for Android 1.10

MobileTV for S60 3rd and 5th 3.69

MobileTV for Windows Mobile 3.22

MobileTV for iPhone 2.19 (IPA file, if you cannot install ipa, please contact by Email)



  1. System Architecture


Mobile TV/VOD System is showed as the Figure 1.

The í░Encoder Serverí▒ decodes the CATV/Digital TV to digital format that suitable for transferring live on the Internet and accessing by mobile client.

The í░Transcode Serverí▒ transcodes the existed video file to digital format that suitable for mobile client accessing.

The í░Streaming Serverí▒ transfers live the TV program and provides the VOD for the video files.

The í░Streaming Client on Mobile Phone/PDAí▒ is the mobile client software that installed on the smart phone or PDA. It makes that accessing the TV/VOD anywhere anytime possible.


Figure 1



 2. Some technical Specs

Video format: H.264

Audio format: AAC

File Container: FLV

Live Protocol: Self-defined based on HTTP


Supported mobile phone platforms: S60 3rd and 5th, Windows Mobile, and iPhone

Working on platform : Google Android


Contact: [email protected]


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